Ameliot’s Anna Mieczakowski is a guest speaker at the “Interpreting the Customer and UX” workshop

Ameliot’s Anna Mieczakowski is a guest speaker at the “Interpreting the Customer and UX” workshop

Our Anna Mieczakowski has been invited to be a guest speaker at the MERLIN EU Programme’s next workshop titled “Interpreting the Customer and UX”, which will be held at the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge on the 22nd January 2019. During this workshop, participants will learn how to secure and assess customer input to drive their innovation forward, understand the importance of User Experience (UX) in the design of a product or process, learn tools to help prioritise and integrate UX feedback into product development. Find out more and register for this FREE event here.

Anna is very excited to be contributing her UX expertise to the series of MERLIN workshops for start-ups and SMEs and emphasised the important role of UX in product and service design by saying:

“Let’s face it – design is everywhere, from everything we are wearing, looking at, hearing or holding. That’s why the UX (User Experience) practice is so important during the design of any product, service or experience, because it helps organisations of all types and sizes to truly understand who their customers are by looking deeply into how people think about and act with products and services. UX will help you to humanise your technology, differentiate from competition and gain a larger customer following, as people always fall in love with designs that love and appreciate them”.

Claire Johnsen from the MERLIN Programme, who will co-present the workshop with Anna, said:

About MERLIN project

MERLIN (Methodologies for Researcher Led Innovations) Programme supports market-oriented researchers, SMEs and start-ups across Europe, to consider the full potential of their research and to shape ideas and outputs into innovations to be ready for market validation and commercialisation, by using modern needs-first, market-led methodologies. MERLIN offers a range of dynamic workshops and relevant training to guide researchers and businesses on the journey to commercialisation. The programme, consisting on 8 workshops, will equip participants with knowledge, skills and network to generate market-led business models to unlock potential and accelerate this journey. MERLIN will organise 2 meetups with potential partners, customers and investors by the end of each year, to help participants grow. Moreover, selected participants will be invited to participate in Startup Europe events.