In early September 2018, Ameliot’s Anna Mieczakowski has been appointed as an Advisory Board Member of the MERLIN (Methodologies for Researcher Led Innovations) ICT EU Programme, which helps market-oriented researchers, SMEs and startups across Europe to consider the full potential of their research and to shape ideas and outputs into innovations to be ready for market validation and commercialisation, by using modern needs-first, market-led methodologies. Specifically, the MERLIN ICT Programme offers a range of dynamic workshops and relevant training to guide researchers, SMEs and startups on the journey to commercialisation, spanning topics such as:

  1. Lean Startup
  2. Business Model Canvas
  3. Customer Discovery
  4. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  5. Interpreting the Customer
  6. User Experience
  7. Lean Hardware
  8. Spinout vs. Spinoff

Apart from these 8 topics covered in 45 practical thematic workshops in several European cities, MERLIN ICT Programme also offers:

  • 5 international conferences.
  • 16 meetups with potential customers and commercial partners.
  • 4 webinars on SME growth and PPP business models

The programme, which puts the customers at the centre of the product/service development, will equip participants with knowledge, skills and a network to generate market-led business models to unlock potential and accelerate this journey.