Ameliot is part of a group of co-founders of the 1st Medical Devices DFG Expert Symposium at JLU Giessen University held in the German city of Giessen between 16-18 November 2018. Working together with Dr Wolfram Bosbach from JLU Giessen and Dr Christopher Wilkinson, Health Research Consultant and Director of Inclusign Ltd, who secured this prestigious funding award from the DFG German Research Foundation, Ameliot will contribute to this Symposium on the subject of the latest advances and research in the medical devices, including technologically-driven rehabilitation in trauma surgery.

This first Trans-European Expert Symposium will bring together a host of experts in the fields of medical devices, nanotechnologies, user-centred design, regenerative medicine and trauma rehabilitation to explore promising concepts and their development based on the state of the art in patient-centred technology design. The overarching goal is to improve patient outcomes through the design of medical technology that assists both patients and surgeons.

An emerging field is that of regenerative rehabilitation where trauma patients are treated by methods of regenerative medicine. In spite of the potential in this area, clinical success has not yet been realised; rehabilitative and assistive technologies are all too often rejected by patients because of the social stigma associated with temporary or permanent injury, illness or impairment. This first Expert Symposium has been specifically organised to address these issues.