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Tech Organisations – ISO Standards Implementation

Project Highlights

Ameliot worked with various technology organisations to create documentation for and prepare them for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards’ certification audits and surveillance audits. The ISO Standards that we have covered so far include: ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO14971, ISO13485 and IEC62304. To date we have helped over 25 organisations to get compliant with the internationally recognised ISO and IEC Standards.

Our client satisfaction results show that 44% of our clients attributed winning new business directly to the Standards we helped them to get certified for.

The numbers

There are many important reasons for implementing the ISO and IEC Standards, for example:

  • a requirement for a public sector tender contractual,
  • regulatory or market requirements,
  • meeting customer preferences (supply chains),
  • protecting your clients’ and employees’ information,
  • preserving your brand and reputation,
  • reducing costs through less resource and waste,
  • it is part of a risk management programme, or
  • it will motivate staff by setting a clear goal.
  • New Business Directly Attributed to Certification – 44%

Number of Standards Covered

Overall Number of Documents Created to Date

Number of Client Certifications Awarded to Date

Number of Certifications Currently Underway

Other Recent Projects

We love helping our clients to create the products and services that their customers really need, as well as the experiences and work cultures that differentiate them from competitors. See below other examples of our work in User Experience (UX), ISO Compliance and Strategy Consulting.


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