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Case Study
BT & DOLBY – UX Research on Distributed Conferencing

Project Highlights

Ameliot’s Anna Mieczakowski led a User Experience (UX) project for BT and Dolby on the usability and usefulness of distributed working and conferencing technology with five multidisciplinary experts and 440 conferencing technology users in the UK, the US, Australia and China. This project identified the key factors impacting on the effectiveness of conferencing meetings and distilling good practice recommendations.

The results of this UX work were published in three public reports, titled “Conversations, Conferencing and Collaboration: An International Investigation of Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Distributed Meetings”.

The numbers

In this project we managed four research teams and study participants in the UK, the US, Australia and China, in addition to the client teams from both BT and Dolby. The project was delivered within a timeframe of three months. We used mixed methods approach to gather the data. The qualitative part consisted of semi-structured interviews with 40 experienced professionals and thought leadership interviews with five experts. The quantitative part included online surveys with 400 conferencing technology users. The data was analysed using coding and descriptive statistics.

  • Client Satisfaction – 100%
  • On Time Project Delivery – 100%
  • Impact in Client’s Media Coverage vs. Planned – 92%

Interviews with Multidisciplinary Experts

Interviews with Experienced Professionals

Surveys with Conferencing Technology Users

Number of Participating Countries

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