Ameliot is a place to share some thoughts relating to human behaviours in both personal and professional settings, as well as the fascinating nature of modern innovations that make our daily living better and help businesses grow in more ethical and sustainable ways.

Technology changes at an unprecedented rate and today’s devices are increasingly becoming expression and the extension of our personal identities. Each day we are faced with yet another invention which promises to revolutionise our home and work lives, all of which requires a lot of adjustment effort from us. Both as individuals and employees, we have to adapt very quickly while at the same time staying true to ourselves. This blog aims to provide insight into the intricate nature of human behaviours in our very exciting but at the same constantly changing technological era.

My name is Anna Mieczakowski and I have been fascinated by human behaviours and the impact of modern technology on our lives in different parts of my work: firstly in academic research, then in software industry and in user experience (UX) / healthcare consulting, and most recently in organisational operations. This blog contains a selection of my most current articles, as well as those from a few years ago.

If you wish to contact me, the best way is through my LinkedIn profile or my Twitter page.